Yessss, my deliveries are here!!! If you missed the last post about weekly deliveries you can catch up here.

Just to recap, NYC lifestyle is all about delivery service and my best friend is the man in valet that signs for my goodies! I think it's more of a one sided relationship at this point, like a stalker / victim scenario. I just show up everyday around the same time to bother him. Most of the time, he just shakes his head at me, probably thinking... okay, lady I know you are tracking all your packages and, no, they are not here yet! I'm sure he loves me though... deep down.

Anyway, I had some major gems delivered this week that I thought you might love, including some sexy sale items.

let's get to it...

The Lace Up Dress: Do you guys remember this hot ass dress I got on sale at reformation?


I loved it so much I got it in another color!!! This style is everything right now. When it gets a bit cooler, wearing a long dress with tall boots is the best way to stay warm and fashionable. I had the dress linked in my previous post but it sold out pretty quickly so I added some links to similar dresses. This is not one of those items you want to overlook this fall...

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Quay Reflective Sunglasses: I talk about Quay all day, every day so I'll spare you the details but... I got this amazing pair for only $26 on Asos.

I've been doing some freelance writing for an eyewear retailer here in NYC and it has made me hyper focused on sunglasses trends this past year. I used to be sort of a sunglass snob, only into designer shades. But I had a come-to-jesus-moment about managing my money and, even when I'm having record sales at work, spending $300-$500 on sunglasses felt so ridiculous. Anyway, Quay and Le Specs are my total favs this year... price on point, style on point.

BTW If you want to read about my take on London Fashion and eyeglasses, click here to view my latest post as a Contributor to Cohen's Fashion Optical.

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Collagen Powder: Plain and simple, this stuff is THE BUSINESS! Last year I was at a med spa in San Diego and I was complaining about my dry skin. The nurse told me I needed to start using hyaluronic acid and basically all my problems would be solved. I started using a pure hyaluronic serum last year, that I wrote about here, and from then, on I was hooked. I found a collagen supplement powder that had HA in it and I have been scooping it into my lemon water every morning. Obsessed.

FYI I am like majorly anti wrinkles, I get laser, botox, fillers, take supplements and stay out of the sun, whatever it takes. I take this shit seriously. Reserveage makes a line of beauty products that I came across at Whole Foods and I went crazy and bought all of them.

I've read a lot about collagen powders and it's benefits to the body, inside and out. It works to maintain the skin's elasticity, while plumping and hydrating to hide the appearance of fine lines... bye bye wrinkles!

Also, I noticed my nails were stronger right away, like just a few days after I started taking it. You can read more about the youthful benefits of collagen and hyaluronic acid in past beauty posts here & here. It's a beauty must-have.

Eat Yourself Pretty

Facial Oil: I switch it up between oil and creams or sometimes use them together. I have always had a problem with dry skin. I know it's probably because I don't drink enough water but my days are just so crazy, sometimes it's the last thing on my mind. Dry oils really do a great job at hydrating and it's NOT slippery and gross after, I promise.

In my experience, they work much better than creams. I have been using this product by Balanced Guru that I'm loving. It has Jojoba in it, which helps to balance uneven skin tone. I have a little witch doctor, essential oil skincare mix that has jojoba oil in it that I'll share another time.

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Last but not least... My Favorite vitamin

Olive Leaf Extract: I have been taking olive leaf extract for years now. It provides immunity support that the body needs to fight viruses, cancer, skin problems, candida (digestive issues), fatigue and much more.

I don't know what my deal is, but as I have gotten older, I get sick much easier. I have struggled being in NYC with all the germs around. The first six months I was here, I was constantly sick. This super vitamin is seriously my savior. Whenever I'm not feeling well, I take a bit extra and it helps boost my immune system. This is one of things I strongly recommend having around the house for flu season... it's right around the corner! Read more about the benefits here on Total Health Magazine.

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