Last weekend, I was winding down my day and I was feeling like I wanted an adult beverage, but I was hungry and thirsty at the same time.

That combo can be dangerous!

I eyed the mango sitting in the fruit bowl and only a few minutes later the Spicy Ginger Mango-rita was born!

This is a fun drink for a party, date night or just winding down your work day on the couch with a good tv show.

I'd love to tell you that I enjoyed this beverage while hosting a fabulous party on a swanky New York rooftop but Sergio and I were enjoying a Friday night Netflix binge and we wanted to spice it up, no pun intended.

Btw, If you like a little crime, murder, mystery, detective shows...

Here are my top recommendations:

1. Marcella (this chick is crazy... crazy women make good TV)
2. The Killing (I love a solid crime show)
3. River (murder mystery & a guy that's losing his mind)
4. Stranger Things (a missing child, aliens & 80's fashion)

Okay back to business...

The Spicy Ginger Mango-ritas

Grab a blender and add:

+ 1 peeled and pitted mango
+ 1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger root
+ 1/2 jalapeño (remove the seeds)
+ 2 limes juiced
+ 1/2 orange juiced
+ 4 cups of ice
+ 4 shots of tequila

Blend it all together until it's smooth.

Take one of the orange slices you used to juice, rub the rim of each glass and lightly dip them onto a plate of salt. If you don't like salt with your margs you can skip this step.

Pour the drinks into your salted rim glasses, garnish with a jalapeño sliver & enjoy!!

This is delicious without alcohol, if you want to make a virgin serving.