satin bomber

Even though it was a mild, 80-degree fall afternoon, I was able to wear my new satin bomber over my shoulders today. I have a comprehensive list of what color bombers I need this season and I happened to run into this shade first.

This is one of those must-have staples for fall. I've been shopping them even more lately, since I saw Hailey Baldwin take one into the dressing room at Saint Laurent while I was eyeing a suede bag. Yes, she is just as beautiful in real life, if not more beautiful. I was star struck and then died a little inside thinking about how much botox and plastic surgery I need to look like that... kidding... sort of.

Anyway, this shade really spoke to me because it can go with so many other colors. I love a good neutral jacket. As you know, I don't like to buy expensive styles that can only be worn a few times but this is one of those items I wouldn't mind spending on because it's so versatile.

satin bomber

I got this bomber at my favorite store since high school, LF Stores. The day they start selling online, I swear they are going to kill it. LF has stores in Southern California, NY, Boston, Texas and Florida. If you live in those areas I would definitely see how far you are from one. Probably 90% of my wardrobe comes from there and after each season they have a clear out sale where you can get nearly $1,000 worth of clothes for only $200, it's amazing.

I paired my bomber and distressed denim with my new suede stilettos and knitted tank. Yesterday, I wrote a whole piece on these bomb ass BCBGeneration pumps (under $100) and why I love love love suede shoes over other fabrics. You can catch up on shoe talk here: Must Have Suede Heels Under $100 & Why Suede is My Shoe of Choice.

satin bomber

Because LF Stores don't sell online, I grabbed some product links of other jackets that are the most similar.

Complete the Look

satin bomber

But wait! There's more...

I did a fun 5-second DIY this week that I wanted to share with you guys. In the Popsugar Must Have Mini Box that I got as a party favor at the Power Your Happy book launch, I found some fun stickers from Kitsch.

To be honest, I actually hate stickers. I just think they ruin beautiful things, like when people put stickers all over their MacBooks... um your computer was $2,000 and you're putting stickers all over it? So, generally not a fan. However, these Kitsch patch sticks are thicker and look like leather. Higher quality, if you will.

kitsch patch sticks

When I saw the stickers, I was immediately taken back to Fashion Week when I went to the Libertine runway show. Most of their pieces were embellished with all types of patchwork and I loved it! This is going to be a prominent trend this season, for sure.

I decided to bring some spice to this plain black clutch with my patch sticks and my purse looks super fashionable now! It took five seconds and now I'm obsessed, I want to cover the whole bag. When I'm over it, I'll just peel them away and there will be one less out-of-fashion handbag in the donation bin.

kitsch patch sticks
 Before I added my patch sticks 
▼ Libertine Runway Show 2016 NYC Fashion Week