matcha green tea latte

Okay, guys get ready for a long winded post... trust me it's worth the read and I promise I won't go off on too many tangents!

My Mega Babe Matcha Latte is LIFE. I am not a morning person. It could be the most exciting day of my life and I would still rather sleep. So, let me start by saying, this is seriously my only motivation for getting up in the morning, it's THAT good. I'm not only talking about the taste either, the way this drink makes me feel inside & out is amazing.

This morning concoction gives you long lasting non-jittery energy as well as alkalizing, cleansing, de-bloating, oh and BEAUTIFYING benefits!

Let's start from the top...

The Ingredients: 

Matcha Green Tea Powder: I fell in love with matcha at first because of the taste. I've always loved the flavor of green tea, and this has a much fuller flavor. It is richer in taste & benefits! Matcha is packed full of antioxidants, helps you lose weight, detoxifies your body and, with the caffeine, also has calming properties so you don't get that shaky high. I have tried many different brands so I don't use one in particular. Whole foods has a wonderful selection and here are some that I recommend.

Almond Milk: You can use any milk you like with this, as you would any other latte. I prefer almond milk because I don't like to drink dairy or soy products and it is high in protein. I don't always have time for breakfast so anything I can do to supplement food, I go for.

Time for the good stuff...

MCT Oil: I have been meaning to write a post on MCT oil for a while now. I have been putting XCT oil (which is an even more advanced production of MCT) in my morning drinks for about 3 years now and I seriously don't know how I lived without it. It is a concentrated version of coconut oil; a high amount of fatty acids that convert into energy.

So, why is this so great? Let me break it down for you...

When you wake up in the morning and have a cup of coffee or latte or whatever you drink... and then you don't eat anything and you go about your morning, you probably feel somewhat energized because your brain is currently running on caffeine. Your brain is just being stimulated. It's essentially running on fumes. The difference here is that the fatty acids in MCT oil literally feed your brain. I'm not saying this replaces breakfast by any means, in fact, you should definitely have it with breakfast because you will feel like superman. Your brain function goes through the roof, it's like natural ADD medication and it also supports healthy digestion, immune function and... drum roll please... helps you lose weight.

I could go on and on about why this stuff can change your life. I promise you, it's worth a few minutes of your time to look into. I get mine from the company Bulletproof, they are kind of the driving force on this movement. You can read more about their MCT "Brain Octane" here.

mct oil

Green Superfood: I really love this green powder, the taste isn't bad so I've been adding it to my morning routine for a long time now. I found it at Whole Foods a while back and I just stuck with it. This detox powder eliminates toxins and provides digestive support with 1 billion probiotics and 24 alkalizing plant based ingredients. Definitely obsessed with this stuff, you can put it in your fruit shakes and it doesn't taste nasty.

matcha green tea latte

Collagen Powder: I talked a little bit about collagen powder in this You've Haute Mail post which you can catch up on here. To make a long story short, it works to maintain the skin's elasticity, while plumping and hydrating to hide the appearance of fine lines. It's like beauty (botox/filler) in a bottle. It helps grow your hair and thicken your nails too. When I am taking my collagen regularly, my skin is so vibrant and smooth, I can totally tell the difference when I'm not on my regimen. It is an absolute beauty must have.

Lemon: Lemon in water, or in this case, in your latte, gives you an immunity a boost with vitamin-C, improves digestion, helps decrease bloating, keeps your skin clear and more.  When I eat too much salt the night before and I feel all plump and gross, it REALLY helps. Even if I miss my morning mega babe matcha latte I ALWAYS have lemon and water in the morning. If you are feeling sleepy mid day, have some water & lemon and you will instantly feel awakened.

matcha green tea latte

Okay, let's get to the recipe. It's a two step process...

Long before matcha came into my life, I would mix collagen powder, green superfood, water and lemon every morning. When I started drinking matcha, I would get it from the coffee shop next door before I started making it at home. When I would finish my tea, I noticed extra grounds in the bottom of my cup. I didn't want them to go to waste so I would make my morning drink in the tea cup to collect the left over matcha grounds and capture the remaining flavor.

First the tea...

+ Add 1/4 cup boiling water & 1 teaspoon matcha green tea powder in a cup
+ Slowly whisk 3/4 cup of boiling almond milk (or whichever milk you like) into the cup
+ Add 1 tbsp MCT Oil and whisk together until smooth and frothy

** If you have a frother, it can be used to get that creamier texture.

Enjoy your latte but leave about a half inch of matcha drink at the bottom of your cup...


+ Add the green superfood, collagen powder, lemon & fill the glass with water.
+ Stir together until smooth & enjoy.

It seems like a lot going on, but when you get it down, it only takes a few minutes and is a major morning / life changer.

matcha green tea latte