under $200

Hey guys! This is going to be a short post but I had to share this awesome outfit I've worn for the past two days (don't judge, I know you do it too...). When I fall in love with something, I wear it constantly... like until I can't get away with wearing it anymore because it MUST be washed.

I picked up the absolute coziest sweater from Zara. There is a store down the block from my apartment, so I find myself stopping in multiple times a week to grab some fun items... too often. You can find this beautiful Chenille Sweater // here.

I've always had this thing were I add up the cost of everything I'm wearing and I was surprised to figure out my look was only $160!! Looks & feels more for sure...

Anyway, I'm off to Montenegro in the morning (SOOOO excited to check that off the bucket list) but the dress & jacket I ordered to wear to the wedding on Sunday never showed up. It's actually going to arrive at approximately the same time my flight leaves tomorrow... typical annoyance.

So, I ran around in the rain (without an umbrella because I still don't understand the concept of rain - I think I'm still in San Diego) looking for a new outfit ALL DAY today. With that being said... I've got to get my life together so I'll catch up with you guys later. Follow the adventure on insta & snap chat!!