Home Decor

Decorating a space can take you on a rollercoaster. It can be exciting, depressing, fun, expensive, affordable, tiring and all of the other emotions in between. Improving a room little by little with small items is the best way to transform your space quickly without spending a ton of money. Adding a pillow, candle or lamp can make a big improvement!

I am an expert on deals when it comes to this. My home is like my closet, it's an inspirational space that is always a work in progress. With my obsession for keeping my wardrobe in fashion, it's hard to spend a lot of money redecorating areas of the house as often as I want. So, I pick things that are affordable to switch up the decor.

Home Decor

Here is a list of items you can get for under $100 to style up your home...

A Floor Lamp - Never underestimate the decor power of a lamp, especially a floor lamp. This item can get crazy expensive but I have found some of the most stylish & quality lamps at Target. The one I just got is like half off right now, but even at full price ($79) it was a major steal! It changed the entire room.

Pillows - Keeping a low budget on pillows is always a good idea because it's one of those things you can add and remove to completely change the look and color scheme of a room. Plus, if you have a pet, they love resting their fury little bodies on pillows just as much as we do. They can get a bit stinky if you have them around for too long.

I love buying pillows only one or two at a time. Because I'm never buying a matching set, Tj Maxx, Marshall's & Homegoods are the BEST places to find affordable & stylish pillows. Discount stores typically cary one or two items from a collection so pillows are a great find at places like that.

If you want to get something more tailored to your style, you can go custom and shop on Etsy. Pillomatic is a great shop, that's where I got my palm fawn pillows for my San Diego apartment.

I wanted to add something different to mix it up and went with a printed pillow by Uptown Artworks for my New York apartment. I got a "Dream" pillow made from them to put on our couch. "Dream" is kind of an important word around here and we work from home so it's nice to have some good vibes to look at everyday.

Home Decor

When it comes to decor, I always keep it simple. A lot of trinkets and chachkies give me anxiety but areas without something extra can look too bare. I got a fun pink himalayan rock lamp that I put on the coffee table. It's simple and it's a natural air purifier.

Candles -  These are a must. They can get pricey but I love Aquiesse candles because they are under $40. If you're lucky you can find them on sale at discount home decor stores, Luxe Linen is my favorite scent.

Metallic Tone Antlers - I got a faux gold antler coat hanger for my hallway and I have some sort of faux gold ram sculpture over my couch. These are great accent pieces and have, at times, been a conversation starter when new people come over and admire the decor.

Bar Cart - You know by now, I am a freak over bar carts... to get the full scoop check my previous posts here and here.

Small Accent Rug - Large rugs can be costly, well, small rugs too but typically, they are less than bigger rugs if you do a some digging. I know I might get some criticism but I really like animal hide rugs, like sheep, cow and goat. Goat rugs are small and usually around $100 or less. They make great accent pieces. I lay one on the back of my desk chair, one under the bar and one near the the floor lamp. I brought a few back from my trip to Morocco earlier this year & Penny loves to snuggle on them.

Home Decor

Etsy Prints - Printable art work is life. We do have some one of a kind pieces in the house but these are like items you keep for life and can't really change up. I was craving some hot feminine energy in my apartment so I got these Kate Moss downloads, which are great quality and inexpensive, from Etsy. You can find anything you want on there. You take your file to a print shop and get it made into a gloss print for like an extra $10. Such a creative way to add artwork that isn't expensive.