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Because I work from home, I am lacking in the business fashion department. However, there are times that I have to put my big girl pants on and get to a meeting or event that requires a more professional look. I've typically had jobs that I could dress a bit more casual for but I always kept one or two pieces of essential business attire in the closet.

Who says it has to be all boring and plain Jane office stuff? As long as it follows dress code rules (not showing too much skin), you can have some fun with your work style.

I had an event to attend at the UN and I knew I couldn't show up in my usual trendy, streetwear type getup. Instead of buying something that I could only get one use out of, I decided to pick a few things I knew I could wear all together to get that sophisticated look, but then break down and wear one by one to bring me back to my every day style.

business chic

1. Black Blazer - I LOVE a good blazer. Aside from this whole 'business chic' post, you need this in your wardrobe, period. Obviously, great for impressing clients and looking like a boss in the work place, but a blazer with ripped denim or a mini skirt is killer. If you get one with buttons you can even make it an awesome weekend look by just wearing a sexy lace bra / bralette underneath and nothing else. Very chic.

2. Little Lace Top - Lace in the work place is acceptable if you wear something underneath to cover yourself up. I wore a tight black tank under my lace top for the day and then when I was out with the girls I just wore a bralette underneath. Very versatile.

Business Chic

3. Cropped Flares (Gaucho Pants) - To be honest, I was like deeply troubled that this style came back. I had flashbacks of high school and visions of the 1999 hit, Never Been Kissed with Drew Barrymore, yelling, "I'm not Josie Grossie anymore!" while wearing her goucho pants. I was in denial about this comeback for a while. That is... until I saw a smokin' hot model prancing around in a pair at a bar. I suddenly remembered how flattering they were so I got back on the gaucho train and here we are! Great for business & pleasure.

Business Chic

4. The Perfect Black Tapered Stiletto - Just like a little black dress, every woman needs a black tapered stiletto. Again, great for the office & hot hot hot for afterwork hours. This is one of those items I spend more money on because I know I can wear them a million times.

Here's a tip: My feet don't do well in heels so if you're like me, I recommend going with suede, they stretch and mold to your foot better. Less painful!

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Photography by: Noah Benus