Cropped Button Down

Word to the wise, if you are ever planning on moving to NYC, be prepared to grieve your previous life as someone with adequate closet space. Even some of the fanciest apartments in this city are lacking. So, when the seasons are beginning to change it's time to start shuffling things around in my closet. Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to put some items into storage, bring out the coats and decide what style items are versatile enough to make it into next season.

Cropped Button Down

The cropped white button down is one of those versatile staples that you can keep around all year. 

1. It's great on a warm day, tied up with a high waist skirt... loved running around the city in this outfit last weekend.

2. This top with a pair of high waist cropped denim and some black pumps is a great day to night style.

3. This is an awesome top  wear wear underneath a knit sweater. This is ideal for that preppy look because there isn't extra material to get caught and and bunched.

Cropped Button Down

A cute flesh colored maxi is also one of those teams to keep around for the fall. When it cools down a bit, wearing a skirt with a high slit with some over-the-knee suede boots is fashionable and sexy. 

Even adding a leather jacket and boots to this look would make it more fall appropriate.

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