Living in New York is SO different than San Diego. I feel like I am learning things for the first time, like there was a reset button that I clicked when I got here.

Little things like grocery shopping.

Wait, how do I get all my groceries with out my car? Take a cab? But what if I have more than three bags, how will I get them from the cab into the building? Ugh, I wanted a watermelon... I can't carry all this sh**! What about home decor? It was a nightmare buying new pillows and getting them back to the apartment mid December.

These are like a whole new set of problems I had to solve quickly. It sounds like a no brainer but it is just more difficult to get the simplest tasks done here with the traffic and lack of a personal vehicle.

Needless to say, I have become an expert in delivery. EVERYTHING is delivered... and I mean everything. Half of the year it is snowing so just imagine me and Penny walking down the street with a jumbo 24 pack of paper towels, slipping and sliding in the snow. Oh, hell no.

I have all of my groceries delivered, fresh juices, vitamins, paper products, dry cleaning, water etc. If it can be purchased, it can be delivered.

If you need advice on what delivery services are the best, I have tried them all! I would be more than happy to shed some light on that topic.

Anyway, on top of the necessities I have fun deliveries too! I swear it's like Christmas every other day when I know a package has arrived.

I'll share my weekly deliveries if I get some cute stuff I think you might like. Here are a few!

Calligraphuck: Notepad, Penicils & Coasters

My mom is such a doll, she sent us a little care package with some potty mouth accessories for the apartment. Having a set of cool pencils and pens is a great way to style your desk.

I'm all about simplicity when it comes to decor. I have my computer, a lamp, cute pens, a notepad and a piece of artwork, that's it. I need my place of work to be zen, not chaotic with chachkies everywhere... gives me anxiety just thinking about it.

Zo Skin Health - Sulfur Masque & C-Bright Serum

I was turned onto Zo products a few months ago, specifically because they have some great non-retinol skin brightening products. A few years back, I was plagued with dark spots on my face from my birth control and, of course, it didn't help that I spent a lot of time in the sun and didn't wear sunscreen in my younger years. I swear one day I finally stopped having breakouts and then the next day I was dealing with uneven skin tone. But that's life!

The Sulfur Masque is AMAZING spot treatment, you can use it all over your face but I just dab a little here and there before bed to treat little pimples or irritated pores. The C-Bright Sreum has worked wonders on evening the tone of my forehead. That is were I struggle the most with hyper-pigmentation and it has helped quite a bit.

Quay Aviators -

I think I talk about Quay in nearly every post, so I'll keep it light. Their aviators are stylish and super affordable. I got these two pairs at Nordstrom for like $130 with tax and shipping. It's one of those things you don't feel guilty for spending money on.