In New York, the heat has been so intense that I've been craving icy foods and beverages constantly. It's also due to the fact that my best friend just had her tonsils removed and was on an ice-cream diet for a few weeks. Considering she was bed ridden, it was basically a topic of every conversation during her recovery. Her mom came to town to take care of her and she was telling that she bought her some popsicle molds to make healthy yogurt pops. 

That's when my wheels started turning... I ran home and ordered some cute molds for yogurt popsicles.

I am beyond thankful that I don't have a crazy sweet tooth, seriously, I have enough problems! After dinner though, I always want something sweet so I'll eat yogurt and almonds or anything similarly healthy.

I love shopping and cooking so I knew I could make this fun and cute. By the way, I don't know how I've gone so long without popsicle molds, it's sort of weird when I think about it. It's like not having a spatula in the kitchen. 

I made the base of the yogurt pops and then added different items for the flavors. This is a very unrestricted easy thing to make. You can add whatever you want and make it as sweet as you want so, I don't have any serving proportions listed because I went by taste. This makes everything a little more creative, interesting and your own.

Real Quick: I use coconut nectar to sweeten the pops. I LOVE this stuff. Although nothing is healthier than no sugar at all, coconut nectar is a healthy alternative to other sweeteners. It has a low glycemic index, contains amino acids and minerals, plus it tastes sort of like brown sugar. Obsessed. I found it at Whole Foods in the isle where the honey and syrup is.

The Base

Plain Yogurt
Coconut Nectar - put as much or as little as you like
Chia seeds - Chia seeds contain bone strengthening nutrients, protein, energy and help you stay full longer
Coconut Oil
Almond milk - this makes it easier to pour into the molds

Stir the base ingredients all together until they are distributed evenly.

From the base I made 4 flavors...

1. Strawberry - mash fresh strawberries in the base and pour it in the mold. 

2. Blueberry - mash fresh blueberries in the base and pour it in the mold.

3. Banana Coconut - mash very thin coconut shavings and half a banana in the base mixture and pour it in the mold. 

**This one is my favorite!!!!**
4. Lemon Coconut - Zest an entire lemon, squeeze the juice from the lemon and add shredded coconut to the base and pour it into the mold. This flavor is to die for!

***You can also blend it if you don't want chunks***

The pops should remain in the freezer for about 5 hours before they are ready!

^^ here is the blueberry ^^

Also, these little treats are fun to eat in the morning, totally acceptable for quick breakfast snack!

Presentation Tip: Chop some fresh fruit and put it in the freezer, put them in the bottom of the bowl and serve the pops over the frozen fruits to keep them cool.



My little taste tester, Penny