gucci tiger belt

It's always the little things that get ya... in good ways and bad. 

Sometimes it's all those little things that build up and turn into a big problem. Then, there are those little things that make something so much better!

Let's talk about the little details that take your outfit from 0 to 100.

The other day, I had to quickly walk Penny before a conference call so I threw on this button down and my denim shorts. I hung around the apartment the rest of the day, in a somewhat disheveled manner, but I had to head to a meeting later that afternoon. Instead of changing, I added a few fashion staples.

When it comes to style, accessorizing can really transform a boring ass denim and tee into a hot little number. Let's break it down... CHOKERS, BELTS, BODY OIL & LIP GLOSS

gucci tiger belt

Belts - I wasn't always a belt person but then it occurred to me how weird that was because I am a denim person. Denim with a belt is the ultimate fashion romance, a symbiotic relationship, if you will. Together they are just better.

This Gucci Tiger Belt is the business. Obsessed. I've worn it cinched at the waist with a black formal dress and also with some torn up denim and a rocker tee. Serious must-have.

Jewelry - Adding a statement piece or what I like to call, a conversation starter, makes a big difference. Something noticeable around the neck is likely to draw eyes so have some fun with it.

Ettika has some really cute, affordable pieces I have been playing with. I love stacking necklaces, bracelets and rings. Mixing and matching helps you rotate the same items multiple times to avoid seeming like you wear the same accessories all the time.

Small, but significant, beauty enhancements - I'm not talking about botox or fillers (even though I'm very much into that) make a big difference...

Lip Gloss - The difference between my look before and after lip gloss is huge. It's like finishing off the odds and ends of something at work. You wouldn't turn in an incomplete report would you?

Lipstick vs Lip Gloss 
Lipsticks, especially darker colors - even a dark nude, make your lips appear smaller. You are literally defining the shape of your lip with an outline. Lip gloss, even without plumper, gives the lips a fuller more pouty appearance.

I randomly found this brand, Gallany Cosmetics, I am OBSESSED with their lip plumper. Literally my lips looked huge, but tasteful, after I put this stuff on. When I got it, I was bummed out because I thought I accidentally got the wrong product. It didn't tingle or anything and just didn't feel the same as the ones I've used in the past. Anyway, it is definitely a plumper, it just doesn't tingle and it's really silky.

I have avoided certain lip plumping products because they aren't, what I like to call, kiss worthy. You know? Like when you give your guy a kiss on the cheek and he is like, why is my face burning? I try to avoid that.

Here's the link for the gloss - Peach Babe Lucite Lips ... you'll love it.

Here are some kiss worthy lip gloss plumpers...

gucci tiger belt

Body Oil - I know,  bla bla bla coconut oil is good for the skin, you've heard it a million times and we can talk about that later. The reason I'm talking about body oil today is that it is a total game changer for highlighting your skin. You spend 45 minutes highlighting your face but did you forget about the rest of your body?

Don't get me wrong, I am die hard obsessed with taking care of my skin but it's a two in one for me. Dry body oil is like sex in a bottle.

My favorite place to oil up, after I spray my entire body, is my chest! I feel like the chest is one of those places that gets overlooked when it comes to moisturizing. Firstly, you should always put sunscreen there. After that, spraying body oil on your chest, especially when you're wearing a low cut or v-neck type top is SO HOT. 

It's very sultry, almost looks like perspiration but sexy, not nasty.