Sunday's call for a mid afternoon Super Skinny Mint Infused Moscow Mule! 

I LOVE a good Moscow Mule but, to be honest, I don't drink very much so when I do I am very particular about what I'm drinking. It's like one of those situations where I'd rather eat more calories and skip on the booze. I am too big of a foodie to sacrifice! 

When I was in Miami last weekend, Sergio and I had a chance to catch up with one his old friends. She is a total babe and super into health and wellness for her and her children. She turned me onto Fever Tree Ginger Beer when she was making us our drinks. I compared it to other brands and found it to be the best, health wise.

I wanted to re-create my own skinny version and jazz it up a bit so I infused mint leaves to add a crisp flavor to the drink, since I was going extra light on the ginger beer. I had to make sure the drink wasn't too strong and still full of flavor.

1. Take a handful of mint leaves and let them sit in 1 cup of sparkling water for about an hour in the refrigerator.
2. After an hour, fill your glass half full of ice
3. Add two shots of vodka (I prefer gluten free vodka, Tito's or Chopin)
4. Pour ONLY HALF a bottle of Fever Tree Ginger Beer into your glass along with juice of entire lime
6. Pour the mint water into the glass and fill the remaining space with sparkling water & a tad more ice if there is room.
8. Stir, add a sprig of mint and enjoy!