Introducing... The Romper Overlay Dress!

Okay, this is a new term for me. I had to do some googling to sort it out and all I know is that I am REALLY loving this style. I call it my "goddess dress" though because it catches wind, even indoors, and it all feels very glamorous. I took it for a spin in the Hamptons and it fight right in with the summer fashion.

I am digging this style A LOT because it is so flattering. I am not complaining, but my butt to waist ratio is a little off so there are certain things that just don't fit right on me. Rompers being one of them.

Half the time, my butt hangs out the back or I absolutely can't bend over without showing the world what's happening down under so, it's a hard style for me. Since this type of romper has a longer back, picking my wedgie every 5 seconds is no longer an issue.

I bought this particular dress at my favorite little boutique, LF Stores. I wish they sold online and when they do, you'll be the first to know! I found nearly an exact replica of this dress at Forever21 and searched out some other prints for your shopping pleasure as well.