lace up dress

The lace up style, whether it is a dress or bodysuit, is the business! I just can't get enough. I saw this dress on sale at the Reformation website and I knew I had to snag it (in two colors...oops).

Definitely high priority on the fashion must-have list.

I felt like I lucked out, seeing as this dress is more of a fall style and I got a discount mid summer. It's going to get a lot of use next season.

 BTW, It is a totally show stopper, perfect for date night!

Let's break down the look into the three key items...

1. The lace up dress (obviously)
2. Furla Mini Crossbody
3. Bad ass Quay Aviators

lace up dress

Style Tip: I didn't have a cute necklace to style up my dress so I took a wrap bracelet I had and doubled it up as a choker.

The style is SO flattering on the twins and hugs the hips just right. If you get a tighter fit, it gives the chest a nice lift!

Pick your poison...

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lace up dress

Ahhhh but the accessories... 

For the hundredth time, I love these Quay aviators. I say it too often so I won't elaborate (plus, they speak for themselves) and just add some links, per usual.

However, this little furla cross body is just to die for. Affordable and adorable. I've seen it quite a bit this season; it is making some major moves in the blogosphere. It's been all over instagram and one of my favorite influencers, Marina De Giovanni, sports a super cute white one.

Get the bag

Quay Aviators