I am taking a trip to Miami for the weekend and I had a minor freak out about the Zika virus. I read that there were a number of new cases in the area and, even though I am not pregnant, I thought it would be good idea to stay safe just in case!

I am such a freak when it comes to spraying things on my skin, I don't even wear perfume so, there is no way I am going to be comfortable spraying bug repellant all over myself. I decided to do a little research on the types of essential oils that can be used to keep mosquitos away and, of course, I had a few of those oils in my arsenal.

I grabbed a 1 oz spray bottle and added 10-15 drops each of Lavender, Mint & lemongrass. I added a splash of witch hazel and filled the remaining space with distilled water / (boiled water). When I started my search, I saw other oils that can be used to keep mosquitos away but I just used the ones I had on hand.

The following oils also work as bug repellent:

Citronella, cedar, eucalyptus, clove, tea tree and rosemary

Love you guys! Stay safe out there =)