Yesterday, I had one of those days where it was a complete struggle to get out bed.

It was one of those days, I swear I'm not exaggerating, where everything I own was either at the dry cleaner or in my dirty clothes basket. For real, had nothing to wear.

Of course, I over slept.

I desperately needed to wash my hair but that entire process was just going to be another hour taken away from my day.

I don't mean to sound like a bummer but, listen, I know we've all had those days. 

So, I got my ass out of bed, grabbed some dry shampoo, gave myself a half-up-do, put on a full face of makeup like a big girl, and gabbed a few key accessories to hide the fact that my outfit was literally the last few pieces of clean items in my closet.

Let me elaborate...

Not too shabby huh?

1. Oribe - Dry Texturizing Spray // This spray is the real deal, best spray on earth. My hair gets greasy after a day of not washing so I have done some major research on the best dry shampoo out there. It doesn't leave that yucky white color in your hair that you can't get rid of and it gives a great lift. On days that I am running late, I just spray that in my hair and do a half-up-do. It looks like I am trying to be on-point with my hairstyle but really I am trying to cover up my nasty locks and it works.

2. Chan Luu - Beaded Neck Scarf // Neck scarves are making a big statement in fashion this year. I love Chan Luu jewelry and I was stoked to find out that they are making these beautiful beaded scarves. This is one of those things you can throw on with a plain top and pants or whatever you wear to work. It takes you up the style ladder without any effort.

3. Gucci - Double G Belt // LOVE this belt. You could be wearing the most plain Jane outfit and sneakers but if you add a killer belt it will transform your look. Today, I am wearing $30 ripped jeans, $12 rocker tee from f21 and my designer belt, because I obviously still haven't done my laundry, and the belt made my look.

4. Bobby Pins // I get the heavy duty bobby pins because I have thick hair. I only use 2 and I have a perfectly held half-up-do.

5. Mac - Highlighter // I am no expert on makeup, in fact, I am still trying to sort out the whole contouring thing. The biggest struggle I've had with this new contour makeup craze is not looking like a clown during the day. Trust me, this is the BEST and most subtle highlighter. It is so perfect for running errands, going to work and even subtle enough to wear if you're just hanging around the house but you don't want to be bare faced. This is not one of those products you want for strobing or intense highlighting. It works a bit like concealer and brightens the skin. When I'm in a rush, I use my liquid foundation all over, add the subtle highlighter above my cheek bones and a touch a blush.

6. Quay - Aviators // I have been digging the sunglasses under $100. This is just one of those pairs you can throw on with any outfit. Also, if you don't have time to put on makeup they will be your best friend.