If you're anything like me, I'll look for any excuse to buy a new dress. So, when it comes to wedding season I get overly excited, I even make a list of all the places I need to shop or styles I need to search for... like a full on hand written list in my notepad.

I get major anxiety figuring out what to wear to a wedding, especially when it's a crowd I am not familiar with. My boyfriend gets invited to 100's of weddings a year (this is no exaggeration, he is a total maniac haha) and I never know what I am getting myself into.

This past year, I found many dresses on Revolve. Like most sites, they have a 'Wedding Shop' that you can easily navigate for wedding attire, which is super helpful. I made a joke the other day, "I have a revolving account at revolve clothing". I mean, the deliveries are like 3x per week... oops.

^ Had to snap a shot with the infamous Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth Curley in his bad ass Land Rover Defender ^

Anyway, I just got back from a beautiful wedding in Rhode Island and the dress situation gave me anxiety prior to the event. All of a sudden it was 5 *business* days (always thinking in terms of shipping) before the wedding and I still had nothing to wear. I shop online for EVERYTHING, even dental floss and toothpaste, and I didn't have enough time to safely make an online purchase before the event.

To me, online shopping is a no brainer. I have specific sites that I'll visit and I'll check to see what is trending amongst the blogging community. Shopping in real life is way more of a task for me and I sort of hate it (primarily because it requires putting on pants... I don't even attempt the bra anymore).

People always say, "You must love living in New York, all the shopping...".

Actually, it really sucks because you have to go to 10 different places in 10 different neighborhoods to get all the things you could effortlessly find on one website. I'm all about efficiency and running around the craziest town on the planet to shop requires a heavy tranquilizer of anti-anxiety meds.

As I was freaking out about where to go, I remembered that I have been dying for a dress from Reformation. One of the promises I made to myself was to be better with my spending and quit the frivolous shopping. I only allow myself to buy things I need immediately (clearly, 'need' is a fluid expression here). For example, buying a $600 coat in the middle of summer in anticipation for next January snow is probably the reason I'm low on funds mid June, you know? So, I have wanted a dress from Reformation for quite some time and I FINALLY had the perfect excuse!

I was like a kid in a candy store. Thankfully, they had my size in the dress I wanted but I will tell you, I tried on every single dress in that place. It took every ounce of self control not to walk out with 4 of them. I was a bit nervous because I was walking a thin line between sexy and slutty with the silk and the guests were primarily conservative, older folks. But, the gown I chose was so beautiful, it was class all the way. I got so many compliments and I felt like a million bucks running around in it. I'm definitely buying it in the deep red color for another wedding in Europe later this summer.


If you don't know by now, I am a psycho about being in the sun. I wasn't always this way but after visibly seeing major changes in my skin, I don't expose my skin to the sun without SPF and I don't lay out anymore to get tan. I may appear to be naturally tan, which I actually thought my whole life, but now that I have made a point to stay out of the sun I've seen the real color of my skin and I am super white! Anyway, I have been spray tanning for years now and I get that gorgeous glow without the damage. If you are in NYC, I highly recommend the girls over at Brazil Bronze. They do custom spray tanning and it is absolutely flawless. I used to do the DIY spraying at tanning salons but even after years of practice there is still a lot of room for error and the bottoms of my feet ALWAYS managed to get spray on them. You get what you pay for though! There are times to be frugal and this isn't one of them. Realistically, custom spray tanning isn't really much more than the cost of spraying in the booth and it looks 10x better.  I actually found this company on Groupon (here is the link) and I totally fell in love.

Cabot Dress • Reformation • $248

For a black-tie or formal wedding, you always want to wear a maxi length gown and when you start looking at price tags for formal wedding dresses it can get scary REALLY quickly. The dresses at Reformation aren't cheap but in comparison to what else is available I felt it was a serious bargain. This brand has won some major brownie points in my book so I knew I had to share it with you guys!