Ahhhh yes! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts tomorrow! This is definitely one of my favorite sales. I grew up in San Diego and they are big on the west coast so I've been shopping there longer then I can remember. There aren't any Nordstrom's in NYC, which I can honestly say is the only thing that I don't like about this city. However, they are building something called a "SUPER NORDSTROM"... I don't even know what that means but it gets me excited. Until a year ago when I came to NYC, I only shopped there. They carry the best of the best and their return policy is wonderful.

I always love a good sale but when it comes to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale I have a game plan.

First things first...

This is the time I shop for leather jackets. Every year I buy a leather jacket, or two, even though it's blistering hot and I know I can't wear it for a few months. The deals are great and totally worth the wait. That is always first on the list. Last year, I bought this Trouvé leather jacket and they have it again this year! I am considering buying the camel color or this suede moto jacket.

Next in the cart...

I like to stick to the basics... what do I use frequently, love and want a good deal on?


I've never talked about underwear style but I've worn hanky pankys for many years and I love the quality and look. It's always best to have fresh looking panties in the drawer and they are usually on sale at Nordstrom this time of year in this pack. I have some friends, who's names will stay anonymous to protect their identities, that I give such a hard time to for having old nasty undies! Sorry, but no one wants to see that! Forget what a guy thinks or even what a friend thinks, I enjoy looking in the mirror and feeling like, 'damn you look good today'. You've got to love yourself first ladies! Sexy undies can go a long way for self confidence.

Also in my cart...

 + Nike runners, I love Nike and I can never have too many pairs for running around NYC.

Kiehl's Lotion is amazing and the jumbo size lasts me almost a year! I just purchase it every time the Nordstrom sale comes around. Also, in my last post I talked about essential oils. I actually add a few drops of lemonbergamotyang yang and lavender oil in the bottle. The scent beyond relaxing and it just adds to the whole experience.

Sunglasses, always a good idea.

+ Anastasia Brow Kit - I have been using this brand for almost 10 years now. I am sure there are better brands out there but, as they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it... you know?