It's that time of the year again!

Drum roll please...

Bikini Friday's are back!

It's 85 degrees and I have been sweating my ass off at soul cycle 4x per week getting my body in shape to run around in a bikini this summer. Pour yourself a glass of summer water (rosé) and get in the mood for some style info, work out tips and skincare tricks.

I have partnered up with my favorite swim brand, Gypsea Swimwear, to bring you some awesome bikini styles. I have written about their swimwear here and here and even hosted a giveaway to win this sexy bikini last year. Needless to say, they are the cats pajamas when it comes to swimwear style.

I love love love tropical prints right now so this one immediately caught my attention. Most of their bikinis are seamless so you never get that pinching type feeling around the edges. That's definitely the last problem you want to have when baring it all in two small pieces of cloth.

If you're the type of woman that is insecure wearing a swimsuit, first of all, join the club, second, finding seamless bottoms and tops will help your bikini lay flat on your skin and help you feel more attractive. Trust me, I am super picky and I know my shit when it comes hiding imperfections in direct sunlight.

Luli Fama and Khongboon Swimwear also use the 'seamless style'.


A lot of you guys ask me what I do to stay in shape.


More specifically, Soul Cycle. I get so frustrated reading about these work outs and diets that naturally thin women are selling as the 'answer'. If you are not drenched in sweat and don't feel like you are going to die at least once during your work out, it's seriously not working.

Listen, I am all about living a healthy lifestyle but I enjoy splurging on rosé and pizza and I am not giving either one up to get a six pack. 

Spin will literally change your body over night. You will see results and feel the difference immediately. If you have a Soul Cycle in your city, I would recommend it over any other spin class but if you don't, finding a high intensity, FUN (very important) cycling studio is great too. The key is finding a workout that is fun for YOU. For me, I love the blasting music and choreography. It helps me forget that my legs feel like they are going to fly off my body at any moment... it just works for me.

As happy as I am about these bikini appropriate temperatures, the weather has been doing some nasty stuff to my pores. Since it has warmed up, I have been using this new face wash by ZO Skin Health. During the summer, I tend to break out in this nasty New York climate. It's hot, humid and seriously polluted. I don't typically use cleansers that have acids in them but this time of year I do because I refuse to deal with clogged pores. I found this light exfoliating cleanser that has worked great and not dried my skin out. That's something I have to pay close attention to when using skin clearing formulas because I dry out REALLY easily. I only use it at night to wash away the dirt of the day and I have been really pleased.

Just a tip:

If your cleanser has any sort of acid or retinol in it, it's more important than ever to wear SPF. Those chemicals remove a small layer of skin and expose you to way more sun damage than normal.

If you are looking for a new SPF this is the BEST. You can purchase it with or without tint, I get it from my dermatologist that does my quarterly IPL laser treatments.