Hey there!

Ugh, I have seriously been under the weather this week. I flew to NYC from Austin, TX on Saturday and, only hours after my arrival, I developed a full on stomach flu. I was only sick for about 24 hours and, although my sickness was short-lived and horrifyingly painful, the recovery has been even worse. I seriously slept for 2 days afterwards. 

It's times like these I rely on my simple & healthy recipes; the ones that take very little effort to make and can hang out in the fridge for a few days.

This overnight oat dish is seriously one of my favorite snacks of all time. I love it in the morning for breakfast, mid-day snack and even dessert. My boyfriend seriously loves this stuff too, his eyes bulged out of his head the first time he had a taste (and it's not because he loves me) he is a tough food critic!

Although it doesn't take much time to make, it does take around a day and half to "cook". Steel cut oats typically take longer to become soft when they aren't prepared with heat. The soaking method is great because all of the ingredients marinate together which gives each bite a full flavor taste.

Let's get started!

> > I prefer to start this recipe at night before bed because the cashews need to soften before they are combined with the oats. < <

You'll need two bowls. Mix the ingredients below in each of their respective bowls.

> > Cover the bowls and let them soak overnight in the refrigerator. < <

In the morning, pour all of the contents of the bowl #2 into a food processor or blender. Blend until you have a smooth mixture.

> >  It's important to let the nuts sit overnight or else they won't blend properly. Allowing them to sit overnight makes them really soft. < <

Pour the blended mix of bowl #2 into bowl #1 and add the salt and the vanilla. Mix everything together, cover the bowl and refrigerate. Depending on what brand of oats you get, they may be ready by the evening but they are usually the best the morning after.

I like to top my oats with fruit but the dates alone bring out a soft & sweet flavor. Leave a comment if you make this snack, I would love to hear what you think!




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