A lot of beauty forums and blogs talk about how to fix skin problems, like after it's already damaged, but what about making sure those problems don't rear their little heads?

I am a major fan of preventative care, and I'm not talking about anti-aging (like usual) but daily routines to ensure you're skin doesn't get chapped, sun damaged etc.

I travel quite a bit and high altitudes can do a number on my face. Although I'd love to talk about the best product to remedy your dehydrated skin after travel, let's take a step back.

Just like you pack your bags before you get on plane, you need to treat your skin before you get on a plane!

Traveling can severely throw off your natural PH balance and even worse, cause breakouts. Instead of trying to fix the problem when you get home, let's talk about prepping before you get going.

Among other things, the two most important steps to maintaining a healthy glow are:

1. Exfoliation
2. Moisturizing

I'm sure you've heard this a million times but I'll just repeat myself for good housekeeping...

You MUST exfoliate. Your skin regenerates at a rapid pace and if you're not exfoliating, the new cells will grow over the dirt and dead cells that your cleanser can't fully remove. Not only can this cause breakouts and unsightly little bumps but you're face will also begin to appear dull.


Secondly, moisturizing is HUGE. When you're skin is dry, it can make you appear older and less supple. Fine lines appear much more... eeeek!

So, let's take this full circle and get back on track here.

Travel can REALLY dry you out, if I am not properly prepared for a flight my skin takes a turn for the worse and it can take days to get balanced again.

To prepare, I do a gentle exfoliating mask once per day, a few days before my flight, and follow with an intense moisturizer. It's important to choose a treatment that re-hydrates and isn't drying. There are so many options for every circumstance. Like don't use a mask that drys out acne prone skin... that's not the time for this. Getting a mask that is for hydration and is suitable for all skin types is key.

However for travel, I hit the jackpot with these two stellar products from Tula.

^ ^ How cute is Penny though? ^ ^

The Exfoliating Treatment Mask made my skin so smooth and it didn't dry out at all. I can usually tell immediately after if my face is thirsting for oil or cream. It leaves my skin feeling very balanced. I sort of fell in love with the probiotic technology with this line. I use probiotics in my diet, so why not on my face?

To give the cream an extra boost, I apply a thin layer of Hyaluronic acid before I apply the facial cream. I talked about this ultimate skin quenching serum, in this post. I live by this stuff. Just a quick recap... Hyaluronic acid retains something like 1,000 times it's weight in water. So, um it basically rocks my world. Anyway, this extra step makes an amazing difference.

The Hydrating Day & Night Cream by TULA, is wonderful. I sort of swore off moisturizers and creams for a while and was only using dry oils, which have been working magic on my skin. This cream is seriously the only thing that compares and I have been oil free since I started my Tula regimen. Also... A little goes a long way with this product and it is going to last me a while. There is really nothing that irritates me more than buying beauty products that you have to purchase often. I'm not made of money!

PS. Here are some of my MUST haves that I really can't live without right now.

Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Primer: O.M.G obsessed. I tend to have redness around my nose and upper lip area and sometimes it's slightly apparent with concealer. This primer is life. The color correction is flawless and it even has vitimins A & E to help repair the skin.

Tea Tree Oil: I mix tea tree with a scoop of epsom salts into filtered water to make a super cheap and super effective toner. It helps clear up break outs, even PH balance and draw out toxins.

Evian Mineral Spray: I keep this in my purse at all times and I spray it regularly throughout the day. This is a natural mist of minerals and water. It contains magnesium, calcium and phosphorous which help rejuvenate the skin. It relieves dry, irritated skin caused by high altitude and poor air quality during air travel as well.

YouthMud by Glam Glow: Know as the 'red carpet ready mask', it transforms the skin; tightening the pores, smoothing and brightening. It completely detoxifies with these really great earthly elements like green tea extract, camellia leaf, and cucumber extracts.

Fresh Lip Balm: I am psychotically obsessed with chap stick, like I can’t sleep unless I have a fresh layer and I start freaking out if I am in public without a balm of some sort on hand. The brand Fresh makes the most insane lip moisturizer. Trust me, I have tried them all. Plus, they come in multiple light tints.