Remember back in the 1800's when it was considered 'slutty' to show your ankles? Okay, maybe that was too far back for us to actually remember but it was a significant time in history, none the less. 

On a funny note though, people from that time would legitimately die in their tracks if they could see how females dressed today! 

Anyway, as if my denim obsession wasn't apparent enough, I am overly obsessed with cropped denim right now. I am finding some real sex appeal in covering up while showing a little ankle. One of my biggest pet peeves is too much fabric down at the ankle of a skinny jean and... welp, solved that problem with the cropped pant!

I have done a bit of comparing and I've concluded that having an inch or two between your shoe and the seam of your pants makes your legs look longer. Just to be clear, I am not talking about hemming your pants like mid calf. Don't get too excited to bring out some peddle pushers from the 90's... keep those locked up!

Since I work from home, 90% of my clothes are casual wear and, by default, I own like a million pairs of sneakers. Sneakers and jeans are my favorite day to day style but the combination can get a little dumpy looking if you have too much fabric down at the end of your pants. Without a clear definition of the ankle it can give the legs a stocky look. Correct me if I'm wrong, but we definitely do not want to give our stems the appearance of looking bigger than they are! 

When I decide to actually dress up, wearing cropped denim with some pumps is a seriously sexy look. 

If you don't want to fork out the cash for some new pants, take a few pairs you already own to the tailor and get them shortened and fitted. I've done it with a few of mine and it was only $20-$30 depending on what needed to be done.


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