Sometimes, I go through these fashion moments that I don't even notice. Strangely enough, I only begin to notice as I scroll through my Instagram. I'll see that a series of 4 - 6 photos will contain a lot of one particular color. Today, I was scanning though my insta and I noticed that I have been wearing a lot of blue hues lately. Blue happens to be my favorite color but I don't have a ton of blue items in my wardrobe. I like to add color in moderation. I have a very limited selection of bright colored pieces but I love to add a pop when I can.

// Color Reflective Shades //

I love me some sexy reflective sunglasses. I don't like to spend a ton of money on really trendy designer shades because I know I'll be over them fairly quickly. I try to stick to brands around $100 and under. My favorite, affordable sunglasses, Le Specs, never let me down. 

// A bright shirt or jacket //

I have this bright blue leather jacket that I am seriously obsessed with but I wear it very infrequently because it's so noticeable that I don't want to be seen a million times in it, LOL. My friend at ShopSocilatte designs these one of a kind Karl Lagerfeld shirts that I adore. Perfect pop of color and chic.

// A bright handbag //

I was getting ready to board my flight from NYC to San Diego and I captured a shot of my, otherwise, boring outfit. My cute Gigi New York clutch brought my casual wear up a notch. By the way, I love Gigi NY because they custom monogram their clutches.

// Bright Blue Denim //

As soon as my face defrosted from the cold NYC air I ran over to Top Shop to grab a pair of bright blue jeans. This color is going to look great with just about everything this spring.