If you don't know by now, I am slightly obsessed with bar carts. They bring such a huge statement to a space and make sense in almost every room in your home; the kitchen, hallways, dining areas and even office spaces... probably not the bathroom though.

In my latest decor post, I talked about an easy way to spice up your bar for under $30. I used the same glasses, which I am still in love with, and bought a new cart that I found at World Market. I searched high and low for an affordable one and it was, by far, the most stylish for the cost / $150. 

I was ultimately inspired to change the bar when I brought ^this^ goat hide from Morocco. I knew the second I saw it that I needed to redecorate this area. I like to update the cart often and I always place two major items near it. 

1. Artwork or mirror.
2. A rug.

Instead of having a standing bar, now you have an entire bar area. It becomes a room of it's own and it looks killer when there are complimenting pieces surrounding it. 

When designing a living space, it's always important to pick colors. Yes, there are a ton of different colors in this area but there are three main complementing colors. The rest of the colors are quite neutral in tone.

1. Gold
2. Copper
3. Blue

This technique works best for all decor purposes as it will help you stay on track to design the most stylish spaces. 

PS. Stay tuned for the Bar Cart Giveaway! You'll have a chance to win some special items to make your bar POP!