I’ll be the first to admit, packing for travel can be a real pain in the ass. I used to be that girl with the oversized / over weight suitcase, resembling someone moving across the country... for a three day vacation. A few years back, my luggage was “lost” on my way home from France and almost ALL of my most precious belongings were in my bag. Packing everything I own and leaving it in the hands of Delta Airlines... BIG MISTAKE! Needless to say, I have never willingly checked my bag for any travel since then, no matter the distance. 

I feel as though my system works for near and far travel, weeklong or weekend – I have really mastered packing light. I bring a rolling carry-on and a large bag (usually a back pack or tote).

On my last trip, I headed to Madrid and Marrakech, two completely different climates and dress codes. I had to pack an array of items from hiking in Morocco to fancy dinners in Spain.

I get it, you want to look cute and you want to pack everything in your closet. Most of the time, you’ll end up wearing half the stuff you packed anyway. So, I have written out 5 tips that help me pack efficiently while looking stylish throughout my travels.

1. CHECK THE WEATHER!!: I realize that seems like a no-brainer but seriously you need to be realistic about the temperatures. Too many “what if it rains / snows / tornado / heat wave” items will take away from the stuff you’ll actually want to pack and wear. 

2. Narrowing Down the Outerwear: Since jackets and sweaters take up so much room, I strongly suggest bringing one jacket and one sweater. You should lie out all of the potential outfits you want to bring and then pick a jacket and sweater that would complement ALL of your outfits. So, just in case it does rain, hail, whatever, you have options.

3. The Airplane Outfit: This outfit seems to be the last one chosen. However, if you choose this first it will seriously help you pack the rest of your items. Why? Your travel outfit should consist of the bulkiest jacket you want to bring, the bulkiest sweater, the pair of shoes that takes up the most space, the scarf, accessory or hat that won't fit in your bag. If you combine all of those things together, you can add a shirt / blouse and a pair of pants fairly easily. You will look cute as hell, keep warm or have the option of stripping off the layers off once you get into your seat. If you plan your outfits by what compliments your bulkiest items nearly everything will look good when it’s all-together. If you wear these items during travel you’ll have more space for the rest of your clothes and shoes.

4. The Hat and the Scarf: No matter where you go, I always recommend bringing a hat and scarf. Remember, these are carry-on items. These two pieces are my favorite accessories because they will help you add character to boring outfits (like a t-shirt and jeans – see example below). 

5. The Personal Item AKA backpack / tote: This bag is important for obvious reasons, like packing all the things you want to have on hand such as your ipad, headphones, snacks, laptop… whatever. This space should also be utilized for your travel toiletries, makeup and jewelry. These items take up a great deal of space in your luggage bag and are actually nice to have on hand. Having these items near you is great, I like to freshen up right before I land.

I like to keep things simple and being super organized and efficient when I travel makes it much more enjoyable. No lost luggage and lots of space for cute outfits!

<< Style Quickie >>

Topshop has been my main go-to right now for basics. Their denim is honestly one of the best fitting items they make. Always affordable and on trend. I was rushing around the day before I left because I have been in wintery New York and all of my warm weather gear was in San Diego. I was able to find a few stylish items without spending a bunch of money.