For Super Bowl weekend, I had a chance to get out of the city and head out to the country. I had never been to upstate New York, so I immediately jumped at the chance for a mini adventure. We hopped in the car and made the ride up to a quaint little cabin on Lake Louise Marie in Rock Hill, New York.

It has been pretty chilly in the city but it was expected to be even cooler at the lake. Normally, before a trip I start writing down a list of outfit ideas for each part of the day. This time, it wasn't exactly one of those moments where I was scrambling to the dry cleaner to pick up my cutest pieces. I knew I was going to be indoors relaxing most of the time, but I knew I needed to pack some cold weather gear.

I grabbed a few of my favorite oversized turtle necks from Urban Outfitters (which are now on sale... hate when that happens), some snow boots, a puffer jacket and my absolute favorite accessory right now, my fox fur trapper hat.

Welcome, my OBSESSION with the trapper hat...

Last winter in New York, I caught a glimpse of this woman that was drenched in Chanel, walking down the street in the most insane trapper hat. I was like, 'okay, #goals for next winter'. As soon as I saw fur starting to pop up online, I was like a maniac on the hunt. After some serious digging, I finally found the one. I think I love it so much because I feel like a total badass in it. It's kind of outrageously large, but I don't care. The bigger the better! I have worn my hat with so many different outfits. I styled it super casual last weekend but I have worn it with an oversized, wool trench coat and running around town in my workout gear. It totally makes a statement and in the best way. Also, it provides an enormous amount of warmth.

The love of my life