Fashion week isn't just about runway shows for couture clothing, it's a time for style influencers of all ranges to display their latest designs. For example, home decor lines have fashion inspired textiles and seasonal collections. I had a chance to visit an event for one of my favorite stores, World Market, last week. They gave us a tour of their show room and introduced us to some of their newest pieces for the coming year. I have been itching to change up the bar area in my New York apartment. My San Diego apartment is like maxed out with style but in New York, I am sharing space with my boyfriend and fluffing up the bar area is a little but more difficult. 

We are looking at new apartments now so it's not exactly the best time to re-invent the bar area or anything in the apartment. With that being said, there is no reason to just let the apartment go and give up on making it cute during the transition. I wanted something subtle to spice up the area; it was looking SO boring and generic. I saw these plated champagne flutes and I immediately fell in love.   

I brought them home and, to be honest, I didn't think they would make much of a difference. I also didn't think my guy would even notice. Despite my initial thoughts, these four little glasses made a huge statement, so I knew I had to share them with you! It was the first thing my boyfriend noticed on his walk in. He didn't think they were too girly and he loved them!

I have been itching to get another bar cart and torch the current situation but adding a little something different made all the difference. The metallic finish on the glasses tied in all of the different metallic labels and bottle tops. It's like the glue that brought it all together. On that note, I ordered the stemless wine glasses, which I have been using for my morning power shakes. Later this week, I'll be getting into my secret to losing a few pounds with morning power shakes and my secret ingredient, while using cute glassware, of course.