After almost 2 years of writing my blog, I felt like I was in a bit of a rut. I knew I was on to something good and I had grown my brand substantially, but there was something missing. I felt like I had plateaued and I wasn’t nearly at the level I thought I would be at by now. So, I decided to take a sort of blogger self-improvement course. In lesson one of the course, I was asked to think about what advice people ask of me because this was "really important" to discover your inner talents. As I was racking my brain, I was rolling my eyes and thinking, ‘I can’t believe I spent money on this class’, but I went along with it and wrote down a few items. Ever since I was about 17 years old, friends, family, colleagues and even acquaintances have asked me two things repeatedly, "what should I wear?" and "Where do I get it?".  I sort of hated when people asked me these questions because it’s actually a really big question. There are like a million ways to answer and to top it off, a million stores to choose from. I've always been into fashion and shopping so it was only natural that people started inquiring. Fast-forward to my 28th year and people around me are still asking for the same advice.

The main reason why I decided to take this blog-improvement course was because I started to feel like my blog was very self-centered. Yes, it is MY blog so everything is somewhat centered on my experiences and my opinions but, in reality, that’s not the kind of person I am in my everyday life. I have been trying to figure out ways I can use the success of my blog to really help people and I just wasn’t getting that. Being in New York, I am consistently surrounded by the brightest and most successful entrepreneurs in the world. The one thing I noticed that almost all of them have in common is that they all help people. In one way or another, whether it is through their main business or an outside activity, they all dedicated a huge part of their lives to making an impact on others. I knew this was something I was missing and that I wanted. So, I decided to think of ways I could use my talents and resources to help people, even if it is in a small way. 

Let’s go back to the questions, ‘What should I wear’ and ‘Where do I get it?’. With all the tools I have before me, that have helped me build my blog, I am now in a less overwhelming state when these questions are asked of me. I have the tools to answer this question quickly, efficiently and in a stylish, easy to use layout, no less.

I want to help you find what you are looking for, without the hassle of website hopping and endless googling. Who has time for that!?

Here’s how it works:

Send me a message with your contact info and what items you are interested in. It can be as many as your want! You can be as specific or general as you want. Maybe you are looking for the cutest-cowl-neck-sweater-tank, maybe you’re just looking for some awesome skinny jeans or maybe you want a general selection of this season’s trends. Whatever the style or items are, I can help!

I’ll build you your own page with photos and links of several options. Once your page has been created, I’ll send you an email with the link that you can bookmark on your computer.

You can refer back to your page whenever you want and if you are looking for other items, I can always update it with new categories!

It’s as simple as that.