Winter is in full swing and, with the frigid temperatures, some serious outerwear is in order. Since I've spent the last year in New York, I have experienced weather changes that my closet has been completely unprepared for. Arctic temperatures are one of them! *Exaggerating*

I mean, emotionally, I am unprepared on so many levels. Grocery shopping, walking the dog, running errands, etc. in 20-degree weather is something I've never dealt with. I have also been told it will get even colder, which I can’t even wrap my mind around. I don't know how people can get anything done in the winter! However, that is a whole closet of personal issues I need to attack once I get my winter wardrobe in order.

Back to the subject of coats...

My idea of cold in California is like 50 degrees. So, the coats I have on hand are warm enough to get an east coaster through the end of October. Current wardrobe = Completely useless. 

If I were a practical person, this whole coat thing would be a no brainer.

Normal person: Heads to the nearest store and grabs the warmest thing on the rack. 
Me: Freezes to death until I find the one.

Filling the hall closet with down puffers, fur and heavy wool was an expense I hadn't anticipated. Obviously, style, warmth and cost had to be considered when I went on the hunt. I searched high and low to find some of the best deals on cozy coats for the icy climate. Here are just a few of my favorites.