For me, decorating is something I really enjoy. It’s something I feel comes natural to me. 

I'm always pinning, buying knick-knacks on Etsy and scouting furniture store sales on the weekends. However, my apartment looks like an estrogen bomb exploded in it; Kate Moss is everywhere. For the most part, I find it's easier to decorate a feminine space because my home is a collection of items I adore. It’s a girly girl home. Plus, I figure (hopefully) one day I'll be married with kids and turning my dining room into a dressing room / walk in closet isn't going to be in the cards. YOLO.

When the time comes, styling a co-ed house may bring up some challenges. I have been cohabitating with my boyfriend for the past year in NYC and, while I still have my girly girl apartment on the west coast, there is no way I could shack up here without moving some furniture around. 

"It ain't me, babe"

I was itching to tidy up the living room and the coffee table needed some serious help. I decided to stick to the basics and go with books and candles but I steered clear from the super basic bitch Vogue, Chanel, $300, 20-pound coffee table books and voluspa candles.

I just can't.

Also, I didn’t feel like spending of bunch of money so I made due with my surrounding objects.

Choosing the right books can be tricky but it's important to pay attention to color and content when doing so.

Color: I started picking books that had complimenting colors. I went with mostly black, white and grey with small hints of orange and red. When using books as decor, one of my favorite tricks is to remove the covers from hardback books. I love the vintage feel. Some of the books had such great content but had the WORST covers, like The Secret Language of Birthdays. It had the most horrible cover with a nighttime sky and zodiac signs but underneath there was a beautiful, red fabric cover with black text. By the way, this book is THE BEST conversation starter and people are always intrigued by the title. Also, From Alice to Ocean has a beautiful black, fabric cover with gold text. I made it the focal point on the table.

Content: I try to mix it up a bit - some picture books, novels, and art gallery magazines. Sometimes the best coffee table content is something you wouldn’t expect to see. For example, I chose a book about Palestine because of the awesome black and white cover. Do I want to know about Palestine? Honestly, no. I probably should care more, but that's beside the point. No one expects to see it so they pick it up. Or, they don't notice the title at all because it blends in so well with the other books and colors. It works out either way.

I added a few extra items to spice it up a bit. Candles, I love candles. I bought some fun shaped ones from a local artist and mixed it up with some from whole foods. Don’t get me wrong, I love high-end candles but sometimes the affordable paddywax ones are just as great. I added some mirrored coasters and threw in some native sculptures to add some color and dimension. 

Every item I placed on the coffee table is completely suitable for a male or female living area. To be honest, the organization just screams femininity on it's own. Sometimes reorganizing a man's living quarters is all you need to do.