There are some things I absolutely can’t live without right now. I’m all about basic, multi versatile styles and key staple items.

Top style:

Incorporating thick knit and fur into your accessories makes a HUGE difference in cool weather climates. It’s important to conserve the heat in your head, hands and feet to keep from freezing. Rocking a solid hat is key. I am obsessed with my pom pom beanie lined in fleece with a fox fur topper. Granted my face hurts from the frosty air, my head and ears stay nice and warm. It’s the cutest and coziest addition to an outfit.

Tapered Booties:

I am, have always been, obsessed with booties. This is nothing new but I am digging the ultra tapered toe bootie right now. They look great with a pair of skinnies or leggings. SUPER slimming and very chic.

Lip Game:

Dominant lip colors can be overwhelming for daytime brunching, running errands, office time and other casual encounters, etc. At the same time, sometimes you need a little pop to brighten up your clear blistex tube. I always keep a tinted lip treatment in my purse with me. I am psychotically obsessed with chap stick, like I can’t sleep unless I have a fresh layer and I start freaking out if I am in public without a balm of some sort on hand. The brand Fresh makes the most insane lip moisturizer. Trust me, I have tried them all. During the winter it’s easy to get chapped and ladies, you best be keeping your lips ready for a kiss at any moment! It’s not a good look or feel. To add a little flair to your lip, lightly applying a nice colored lip liner with a top layer of gloss is a really subtle, stylish look. Plus, It’s easy to add more to do a full, vibrant lip if you’re hitting happy hour after work.

The Little Black Bag:
I am really into small bags right now. Being in NYC, getting around the city, jumping in and out of cabs, cramming in the subway and carrying Penny like a princess all over town is not a conducive environment for large bags. A cross-body with enough room for your lipstick, hand sanitizer, wallet and phone is great for running around. Plus, if you’re out all day and you want to go strait to dinner and drinks, you’re not lugging around a Marry Poppins bag.

A Simple Watch:

I think watch style is a little tricky. Some people are only into the finest watches where some are into the fashion watches. I think it’s great to have both. Leather strap watches have been catching my eye quite a bit recently, especially Daniel Wellington watches. I think they are a stylish, classy and affordable, the perfect everyday watch.