As I have been traveling more often lately, my style and shopping trends have changed quite a bit. Before, I always put my fashion needs before comfort; purchased things because they looked amazing even though the fabric was itchy, the sole of the shoe gave me a blister, etc.

These days, I can't be bothered with any of that! That doesn't mean I've gone full granola but I've got way too much going on, so comfort and efficiency are at the top of list. A great look can take only a few minutes if you have the right pieces on hand. I threw a few of my favorites on before heading to the airport for NYC this weekend.

Three Items I can't live without this fall... (stylish and practical)

1. Everyday Turtleneck Sweater - I seriously died over this sweater from TopShop. I have worn it everywhere. So much so, I am starting to get embarrassed that I have been seen so frequently in it by the same people. Don't worry! I own other sweaters, I just happen to like this one the most!

Anything simple, neutral colored, easy to wear and warm (yes, it should serve a purpose besides being stylish) is a token piece in my closet this season. Plus, turtlenecks are super in right now.

2. Dark Skinnies - I really feel like there is no explanation necessary but let's face it, black skinnies do exactly what they should do... make you look skinny! There is no better way to hide those extra holiday pounds than with a chic pair of pants to slim those thighs down.

3. Booties - I am completely obsessed with over-the-knee boots right now but that's a tough look to pull off on a day to day basis. Booties are great for day or night, great for walking and make you seem effortlessly stylish when you're feeling like having a lazy day.


I am a woman on the go and sometimes most of the time putting on makeup is the biggest annoyance of my day. I have had eye lash extensions for over 3 years and I will seriously never go without them again! It's hard to find a good lash stylist but when you do, keep her/him forever! I have knocked down my morning routine to 10 minutes, as my luscious lashes give the appearance of full mascara and even a bit of top liner. If you are a San Diego resident or travel to San Diego, my lash stylist is INSANELY AMAZING. No joke, I have tried other stylists in various cities and I am confident in saying she might be the best in the world! I know that sounds crazy, but it's true.  I literally have to fly just to see her!

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