A few weeks ago, I stopped by my neighbor's apartment while she was cooking dinner for some of her friends and while she was prepping dinner she told me about this funny little hand held contraption that turned vegetables into faux spaghetti noodles. She actually laughed and called it a "penis torturing machine", which I'm still laughing about, but I'll try to stay on topic!

Getting focused...

I am all about clean eating at home and I've been on a pasta kick lately so anything to curb my cravings had my attention. She made, what I assumed would be, an average tasting version of pesto pasta but I was so taken back by how incredible the meal tasted I went out and bought one of these little devices, the "Veggetti", to test it out. Don't judge me but this funky looking thing has seriously changed my life! 

My biggest creative outlet is cooking so when I thought about all the amazing dishes I could come up with I went wild. I went so crazy about this slicer that I bought a hand held one, a pro and I ordered one for my boyfriends apartment as well. The funniest part is that the one I ordered for his place got lost in the mail so I was running around New York like a mad woman looking for a replacement as soon as I arrived in NY. On a serious note, I couldn't go a day without it. So badly, I had to leave brunch early because I was freaking out about finding it!

Anyway, while I was on my hunt in NYC I found this cookbook, Inspiralized, sitting right next to the slicers. I have honestly never followed a recipe in my life but I LOVE buying cookbooks, magazines and watching the Food Network for inspiration. I'm too A-D-D to follow a recipe and I hate following directions so I always add my own flair! I saw instructions on how to perfect sweet potato buns and I felt immediately inspired... and hungry so I ran to the kitchen test out my skinny twist to a traditionally unhealthy breakfast dish.


+ 1 large sweet potato
+ 1 tbsp. of almond butter
+ 1/2 tbsp. of cinnamon
+ 2 cups of sliced strawberries
+ 1/4 cup of goat cheese
+ 1 egg


Vegetable slicer / alternative: potato peeler
Hand mixer / alternative: fork or potato smasher
>> If you don't have a veggetti / veggie slicer - this can be done by hand with a potato peeler. However, the slices won't be as malleable.

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Directions - the cakes

+ Slice the sweet potato into a medium size bowl
+ Add the Cinnamon and almond butter to the bowl with the sweet potato
+ Empty the contents of the bowl into a nonstick pan and cook on medium for about three minutes
>> The point of heating the mixture is to soften the sweet potato. It requires a little pre-cooking so that the inside of the pancake is fully cooked.
+ Continuously stir the mixture in the pan to make sure the almond butter is being spread evenly throughout
+ Remove the pan from the heat and transfer the mixture back into the original bowl
+ Wait 5 minutes for the mixture to cool down a bit and then add the egg and one cup of fresh sliced strawberries
>> The mixture can still be warm when adding the egg and strawberries but make sure the mixture is NOT HOT when adding them; you don't want to cook the egg!
+ Scoop out equal servings of the mixture and pat them into flat round patties
+ Place them onto a flat pan or plate to sit in the refrigerator for 15 minutes
+ remove the cooled pankcakes and apply them to a non-stick pan at medium heat
+ Once the bottom side is cooked enough, flip the pancakes over
+ Continue to flip the pancakes until each side is fully cooked

Directions - The spread

>> This part is easiest with the use of a power tool but can be created manually just as well!
+ Add the remaining cup of strawberries to a small bowl with the goat cheese and mix together until fully blended
>> Leave a few berries out for garnish if you're feelin' fancy ;)

Let me tell you 'bout my best friend the sweet potato...

I'll admit, I wasn't a fan of the sweet potato growing up. I hated them. Okay, 'hate' is a strong word so we can go with "very-highly-disliked". I can't tell you why but for some reason I would cringe at the thought of them. It may have something to do with a strange dish my grandmother prepared for Thanksgiving at some point during my childhood... but we'll never know. As I grew up and became interested in healthy eating, I was surprised to discover that this potato, commonly classified as a no-no food, was actually a supplement rich super-food. 

In addition to containing anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, sweet potatoes are high in beta-carotene, which is responsible for giving it that beautiful orange, sometimes purple-ish, pigment. Although beta-carotene is not an essential nutrient, the body converts this chemical into vitamin-A. 

Vitamin-A helps the skin maintain it's beautiful glow, keeps our mucus membranes moist, preserves our vision, strengthens our bones, assists in blood sugar regulation and provides immune support.

It can be difficult for the body to absorb vitamins; in fact, many of the vitamins we consume on a daily basis are flushed out of the body before they are ever absorbed. Since vit-A is fat-soluble, eating nutrient dense foods, such as the SP, are best absorbed by the body if they are consumed with small amounts of fat. Hence, the reason for adding the almond butter and goat cheese into the mix. On the plus side, fat soluble vitamins remain in the body for longer periods of time so the need for vit-A is rarely present in those who maintain a balanced diet.