Although I am a west coast native, I have been spending a majority of my time in New York and I needed a little LA getaway. The nice part about living in San Diego is the short drive to LA when I need a break. I headed to Malibu with my cousin for drinks and shopping. It was SO hot while I was there so it was a nice chance to break out some of my ultimate summer gear.

I'm such a crazy person about hats right now and not because they are a great addition to an outfit. I have been in the process of repairing stupid skin damage due to never wearing sunscreen or a hat in the sun for my entire life. I mean, it's really not that bad but I refuse to look any older than I already am. I'm so crazy about "reversing the signs of aging" that I'm scared I'll wake up one day looking like Caitlyn Jenner and wonder how I got there hahaha. Hopefully I can embrace the aging process at some point. But for now, IPLs, sunscreen, hats and a little filler here and there are on the agenda.

With that being said, my hat game is strong right now especially with the sun blazing. I'll admit, this outfit wouldn't look that cute without a hat. Too plain Jane for my taste; the fedora brings it all together.

Nudes on nudes on nudes - obsessed!

I bought this dress in nude and black and they are definitely the most commonly worn item in my closet right now. Before summer started, I took a little inventory of my dress collection and realized I didn't have any, I'm not even exaggerating. After spending a week in New York in the scorching hot weather and 100% humidity, I knew I was going to have to change up my wardrobe and get a game plan going. I couldn't go outside for 5 minutes without being completely soaked in sweat so layers were completely out of the question.

I went out and bought these little slips that are not only cute enough to wear alone but perfect all year around under a sheer dress/shirt/skirt or with leggings/tights and boots during the cooler months. They are just one of those pieces that can totally come in handy. However, the nude is my favorite; so sexy!!!