If you haven't noticed, my blog has changed a bit! New name, new vibe! I started my journey as MePoopsie, which came from a cute name my friends gave me, 'Poopsie'. I decided that if I wanted my blog to grow with me through the years I needed re-vamp my image to fit who I am now and who I want to be in the years to come. In the spirit of my blog's face lift, I decided to write a post about my latest skincare obsessions.

I have written a lot about all natural skin care here, here and here. As much as I love and cherish my au naturel beauty regimen, I had a major come-to-jesus moment when I realized my skin needed some major work. I'm only 27 so not that much work but I needed to get serious. Don't get me wrong, organic products are the best to use for maintenance in conjunction with some retinols and regularly scheduled IPL treatments.

A few years back I started to notice a few dark spots on my face from sun exposure. I tried many things but wasn't seeing a lot of improvement. I was able to control the situation by turning into a crazy person about sunscreen and wearing hats outdoors. That only contained the problem, it didn't repair the damage. I started to get insecure about it, even though it was hardly noticeable to others or in photos but, like many women, I criticize my own flaws to the max. It's important to feel beautiful and be comfortable in your own skin, pun intended. Although it may not seem that noticeable to others, how you see yourself is the only opinion that matters. So, I decided to take some action with my ailments.

More important than anything, SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN. My Lancomé daily moisturizer has sunscreen in it and my tinted moisturizer has some as well. You can never be too careful, I double that sh** up! I like to use products that serve multiple purposes, so a nice firming cream with SPF or a tinted BB cream with SPF is key if you're looking to get the most out of your products.

Although, SPF won't make your skin imperfections go away they will certainly serve as a defense for additional damage. Which brings me to my next point; I am so in love with the SkinMedica line. It is a little pricey but I saw major improvement in a short period of time. I use the entire skin lightening system; their Lytera product with the AHA/BHA cleanser. They work fast since they include retinol.

When using an intense skin regimen, having a really good cream is key or else your skin will start peeling like crazy or break out. I was introduced to the line Beauty & Truth and I am in LOVE with their wrinkle rewind cream. I use it at night on my chest, neck and face along with their oxygenius serum. Together, they help my skin stay balanced between the other products. I also use an amazing kiehl's cream specifically for the eyes and for minor breakouts I use spot treatment I use Mario badescu Drying Potion.

Quick tip: for the lips I use Dr. Lipp balm that was designed as a nipple balm for women that are breast feeding. Take it from me, it's great for both! Silky smooth all around ;)

I also started drinking a Hyaluronic Molecule' supplement by FOUNTAIN. Hyaluronic acid is naturally occurring in the body; it keeps your joints lubricated and your skin plump. As we get older our bodies start producing less of it so I add this yummy syrup to my tea or drink it alone in the mornings as a part of my beauty routine.

Below are some other products I use on the reg and they are all great! Send me a message if you have any questions about my routine or how to improve yours! =)