Summer is here and with the colorful weather comes colorful foods! This is the perfect dish for a summer BBQ or small gathering. 

I am a total pickle fiend. I crave all things edible soaked in vinegar. My guy is the opposite of me in that regard so when I'm at home alone I get down with the pickling. When it comes to Salmon and other types of fish, cucumbers, citrus, fresh herbs and yogurt are an amazing match. I decided to make a healthy treat to keep in the fridge as a go-to snack so, I drowned a few veggies in some rice vinegar. As I was contemplating what to make with my salmon the next day, I decided to blend my salad into some yogurt and it was AH-MAZING! Naturally, I had to share my little creation with you! 

FYI - this is a two day recipe. You can make it in one sitting but it tastes the best when the veggies have been soaked overnight. Enjoy!

Letting the mixture soak overnight allows the veggies to absorb the vinegar fully. The taste is much richer. Be sure NOT to add the cilantro to the mix until the next step, it will overpower the other ingredients.

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