TGIF lovers! It's been a while since I shared a beauty tip but I'm all about my beauty regimen so, I had to share my newest hair removal remedy. 

I aim for the whole 'woke up like this' look, but let's get real... you're lashes don't apply themselves, your legs don't shave themselves and your eye brows certainly do not pluck themselves either. Imagine if that could happen though... Oh wait, that's how men wake up. Not fair, ha!

Anyway, let's talk eye brow threading.

I've always been a plucker. I used to wax but I have the worlds most sensitive skin. It is sensitive to EVERYTHING. A mild change in climate can send it into shock, let alone applying hot wax and tearing away at the top layer of skin. Ouchie!

 Not only would my skin turn fire red but I would get a rash that looked like a hormonal teenage breakout for two days. It could also be the fact that they double dip those nasty wands back into the same pot of boiling wax that they used on the girl before you, who potentially went
straight from Pilates and didn't shower first. I am gagging at the thought of it, but I digress.

Plucking is seriously annoying and I found myself doing it every couple days because I seem to miss a patch or my brow hair grows like weeds. It hasn't been confirmed, either way I was sick of it.

 I was invited to try out eyebrow threading at Beauty by Dolly and I was SO impressed. It took 2 minutes, my brows were perfect and I had no redness or irritation.

I am such a germ freak so the fact that these threads are used on me only was a major plus.

So, why threading?

Natural – with no chemicals, artificial ingredients, or invasive procedures, threading is 100% natural.

Painless – threading targets individual hairs, which eliminates the skin irritation often caused by the removal of the face´s delicate top layers of skin common in waxing. No more unnecessary pulling, tugging or stretching the skin!

 Precise – threading targets even the bothersome stubbly, short hairs, leaving skin smoother for longer and avoiding unsightly grow-outs, which means you can avoid the dreaded ´grow out´ period!

Irritant-free - while minimal redness may occur with threading, it will subside within an hour. Since no products are applied to the skin, there is no redness, irritation, or unsightly reactions.

Blemish-free – threading is recommended by dermatologists for clients who use skin-thinning medications like accutane and retin-a. Many people who breakout from waxing remain blemish-free when threading instead.
Perfect! – threading is a precision art. The technique allows skilled specialists to have ultimate control over which hairs are removed, resulting in perfectly shaped brows every time.
Basically, waxing always removes the top layer of your skin. Threading simply removes the hair from the root and leaves the skin ALONE. Waxing also causes premature wrinkling, and causes loosened elasticity of the skin as well. 

I don't use to word 'hate' often but I'm a total wrinkle hater up in here!


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