Happy Monday friends! Soooo, I took a little trip to LA this past weekend and I had a serious shopping spree. It's funny, I planned on having a mellow and relaxing weekend but it ended up being the total opposite. I was hoping to go to the movies and local dim sum and then it was all blow-drys, dinners, nightclubs and shopping. My bank account kinda hates me right now but it was so worth it! I picked up some major style staples that will be making an appearance on the blog sometime soon but I wanted to give you a little sneak peak.

I love black, clearly. Aside from my color block bag and blush leather jacket, I went a little crazy on the dark items. Let's be realistic though, black goes with EVERYTHING and it's such a slimming color. 

On the topic of colors, I am big on buying things that I can see myself wearing more than once, day or night, hot or cold. I can be impractical when it comes to spending but I like to think I am savvy consumer when it comes to getting the most out of my wardrobe. 

Okay, maybe a fur coat can't be worn on the daily but it gets cold once a year, ha!