Okay MAJOR secret time. I know this sounds lame but sometimes I like to keep sales to myself because I feel like it's my special little hidden treasure. That ends now, I mean what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't spill the dirty details?! 

One of my favorite designers is 3.1 Phillip Lim. The handbags are insane! Great quality and affordable, compared to other designer price tags. Sometimes their bags go on sale at Nordstrom or Shopbop but last season's colors or styles will be sold out before those prices are even cut. I was looking for a bag last year and I stumbled upon the sale section on the Lim website. My jaw hit the floor, there are bags still at Nordstrom full price and on their site they are like $300+ off. Not some meisly 20% off sale, I'm talking like 40% - 60% . 

But you know, the ugly sister of a sale is the major depression I get over things I feel like I should have purchased. I seriously still dream about this bag that went out of the stock the next day because I was too lazy to get up and grab my debit card. They brought it back this season and it is back at full price.  It was like $395 from $750!

Anyway, the point of my little spiel is that Lim has the most killer sale prices on their bags and this is the BEST time of year to shop their site because they are getting ready to release their Spring line! 

Still deciding between that mustard satchel or that flap bag... decisions, decisions.