I hope everyone is having a happy and productive New Year; following through with that long list of resolutions! As for my list of resolutions; there aren't any major lifestyle changes I aim to make but keeping busy with activities that bring inspiration and improvement to my life is at the top of my list. No matter who you are, it is always important to fuel the creative outlets in your life. You don't have to write a blog or paint or whatever you think "creativity" means to others. Creativity is what you make of it. For me, styling my closet, my home, penny’s tiny wardrobe and this blog help me to create a healthy balance to all the seriousness in life. When I first birthed my blog, I knew very little about graphic design, Photoshop and web design. I would buy templates or pay designers to create things for me on my blog but I have had a blast the past few months doing it on my own. For as much as I’ve learned to do, I’ve barley covered the tip of the iceberg on web design. With that being said, it’s important to continue to challenge yourself regularly because as they say, “if you’re not growing, you’re dying”. 

Anyway, Penny and I went out for a mini shopping date in our semi matching outfits. I am so corny sometimes but I don’t even care. As it’s snowing everywhere else in the world, I am wearing shorts and tank in the dead of winter. Go figure. I just love a good flannel though; you can wear it alone, as a jacket, or neatly around you waist as a stylish accessory. Also, I have to point out Penny’s precious little sweater that my cousin knitted for her. As if she couldn’t be any cuter, I seriously melt when I wash her tiny laundry.

If you follow along with my posts, you've heard me rant about quality vs. quantity. Don't get me wrong, forever 21 peaks my interest from time to time but investing in quality items are worth the extra cash. For some, $50-$70 for a tank top might seem like a frivolous expenditure. HOWEVER, I bought this James Perse tank my freshman year in college. Not that I am particularly excited about sharing the time lapse, but that was 10 freakin' years ago!!!!! WTF. It is still perfectly black and amazing, it looks brand new. Oh also, I don't put anything I own in the dryer and I wash with cold water. Try it.