Happy Holidays! It's like the freakin' North Pole over here, I've gone crazy with the decorations. My original thought was to keep it simple and get a modest tree but that changed really quickly when a 7 foot tree was delivered to my house unexpectedly. My jaw was literally on the floor when the delivery boy walked in. I had been recovering from the flu and I could have sworn I was hallucinating. I had to rearrange my entire house to fit this giant into the living room but it was totally worth it.

Since I had planned on decorating a tiny little tree, I picked up some gorgeous peacock feathers and peacock ornaments. I was going to do a blue motif with a few silver accents and I had enough ornaments to decorate a charlie brown Christmas tree so I had to improvise. I decided to go gold with a hint of peacock and it turned out to be absolutely gorgeous.

When I was in college, during the holidays I would work as a gift wrapper at high end boutiques. This began my obsession with Martha Stewart style tree decor. They would have these completely original designs, using more than your average ornaments to adorn the trees. They were masterpieces! My mom is also extremely talented when it comes to interior design so I picked up some tips along the way.

I used two different styles of ribbon to diversify the look, while keeping it in the same color scheme. Draping decorative accent pieces down the branches gives the tree a whimsical and glamorous flair. So obsessed.

I also added some peacock feathers and pine cones to my mantle to tie in the entire look.

Penny's present lasted about 3 minutes under the tree before she snatched it! I also had to remove ornaments from her reach to avoid shredded peacock ornaments and a vet bill to remove beads from her tiny belly! She's such a trouble maker.