Happy Hump day! I'll keep this one short and sweet (no pun intended). A few weeks ago I had some friends over and one of my guests was courteous enough to bring over some snack foods along with their booze. I didn't tell him at the time because I didn't want him to feel bad but he brought over a pack of prosciutto and a honeydew melon, when he meant to bring a cantaloupe. It was such a nice gesture so I kept it to myself. As the gracious hostess that I am, I whipped up a little snack with the two unlikely ingredients and added my own little twist. I had some basil and dried organic figs left over from this dish so I decided to incorporate them into my creation. It turned out to be SO yummy, everyone loved it. It is the perfect touch for a small get together. ENJOY! 
 Use a cute little taco holder for these tiny snacks