Happy Holidays lovers! Since I just finished moving, I figured it was only natural that I share some of my décor styles of the season. I have had a blast redecorating my new space. I was into an industrial look for a while but the place I moved into inspired me to go for more of a Beverly Hills Hotel scheme. I could just die over a wood burning fireplace; it basically sold me on the entire thing. It adds such a cozy element to any home.

I am having a love affair with gallery walls so I have one in every room. I stopped by a fancy little paper store and snagged a large calendar that had style sketches of women in chic designs. I cut them out and put them in frames to make my living room gallery - only $50 all together. I can be economical when I want to be ;).

Leopard, along with other animal prints and bold accents, can be tricky. It can go from classy to trashy real quick! I have had these gorgeous chairs forever and they are the perfect touch. A printed chair, throw or rug is a great addition to any room. I added a bit of glam with some crystal decanters, it is the first step to my bar cart.

I am dying over antlers and animal wall mounts right now. I'm not 100% sure what this animal is but I googled it and I think it some sort of African goat. Either way, it looks killer over my bed, complimenting two big white sheep skin rugs on the floor. I'd show pictures but I'll try and leave some things to the imagination - a little too personal there, ha! My bedroom is like a carnal sanctuary, goats, sheep, zebras and a gold antler coat rack!

Obsessed with tufted furniture!

Princess Penny, taking a snooze in her favorite spot. #santashelper

Gallery designs to accompany my African goat head, found on Etsy.

Okay, seriously though... if you are a coffee lover you MUST buy this Nespresso. I am so obsessed I can't even handle it. I am an espresso gal, I don't like drinking those huge venti americanos. Who has time for that!? I am always on the go and I prefer my morning blend that way as well. Not only does this baby make the most perfect espresso shots but it also has a frother. I don't drink milk and I most certainly do not put creamer in my coffee - FYI there is anti-freeze in creamer, it is quite possibly the worst thing you could put in your body aside from diet soda. Although I don't froth milk, I put coconut oil or unpasteurized butter in my coffee. For those of you on the late train (this helps with overall health and brain function when emulsified in your brew). Read more here, trust me, you want to read this.

Since I don't drink milk, I also add cold pressed blends from OH! Juice to my mug - I froth their Maca Mylk. It is INSANELY delicious. I juice Monday - Thursday for breakfast and lunch and I have incorporated their Maca Mylk into my morning coffee routine. If you are trying to maintain a healthy weight or even trying to lose weight, juicing has incredible health benefits. Click here to learn more about OH! Juice.

Check in later this week for the décor details of my golden peacock Christmas tree!