BOOTIES! Nothing completes a look like a cute pair or booties. Up until a few years ago, I was apprehensive about this style because I felt like it made my legs look stubby. Don't get me wrong, any shoe can go down that road but it's unfair to discriminate on an entire style. I wanted to share a few favorites from my closet, they are the only things I am wearing right now besides my nikes. 

 What I love the most about these babies are that they come in so many different styles. I am seriously dying over peep toes but a tapered toe is an excellent choice when it's chilly out. You can go from funky to classy or chic to grunge. Throw in a designer bag, some distressed jeans and a proper or casual bootie to complete your look.


Talk about the BEST fashion forward way to fancy up an outfit. I wear these with formal + casual attire and basically any time I leave the house after dark.