Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Holiday! I wanted to share this little salad recipe from my dinner last night.

I went to a really great Italian restaurant recently and they had something similar to this on the menu. It was so delicious! I had been meaning to recreate it sooner but I've had hardly any time to cook these days. This is the perfect salad if you are trying to put something together quickly. At the restaurant, they used fig jam which was great but when I’m cooking at home I try not to buy products with preservatives or sugar so I stuck with dried figs. I would have used fresh ones but they are out of season and I couldn’t find them anywhere. Also, there are a lot of dried fruits that are processed with sweeteners so it’s important to look at the ingredients before you purchase them.

There isn’t really any preparation necessary for this little salad you just add at the ingredients to your bowl, add some balsamic vinegar and salt / pepper to taste. I added a low sodium spice blend that I made at home which includes: pink Himalayan salt, fennel seed, garlic, basil, oregano and cayenne pepper. You can make a little blend yourself but salt and pepper taste just as good. Enjoy! 



Estate Sales are THE BEST place to find home goods. I picked up this set of fish plates, fish bowls and shell bowls for $25 at an estate sale. As long as they aren't chipped and you own a sponge and some soap you are good to go!