Ahh yes, I am feeling much better now that I have had a few days to recuperate. There is something about that city... it takes a lot out of you. I swear, it's just the over stimulation in general; the lights, the sounds, the drinking, the food, the incessant scent of stale cigarette smoke. I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

So, I made a point to turn in early on Friday night so I could enjoy SHOPPING and EATING!!! Half of the girls were at the pool day-drinking while I was doing other things. I was relatively behaved in the spending department over the weekend but I walked around drooling for a solid couple of hours. One of my favorite shops was DVF, there was this amazing, shimmering, gold gown and I almost died. I took a deep breath and walked over to the sales counter to distract myself when I came across the cutest coffee table book; Diane Von Furstenberg - The Wrap. It's a glimpse of the evolution of the famous wrap dress. I was so inspired that I am considering framing some of the photos and making a gallery wall of the iconic piece.

Drinking champagne at the pool is fun and all but I'd rather spend my time and money indulging in delicious foods! I'm such a fat kid at heart. I always look at restaurant reviews and menus before I go so, for those of you looking for recommendations, I Compiled a mini guide to my favorite restaurants from the weekend and my suggested dishes. I would have added my favorite room service items from the Wynn but it would take up the whole page - oink, oink. Don't judge me, but the beef lo mein is outa' control yummy.

Dying over this gorgeous diamond necklace // One of the original designs of Lane + Lanae // More fine jewelry by my favorite up and coming artist coming soon!