I'm baaack! I have been like the energizer bunny the past month. If it's not one thing it's another so it is nice to finally have a moment of peace to sit down and write here. I really can't complain because half of the reason why I am so tired is because I've been on the fun train. I am definitely paying for it now and let's get real, there is not enough coffee in the world to take the place of my beauty sleep! 

Anyway, I am always actively striving for balance in my day to day life and, contrary to what my dad thinks, it is important to maintain a social life. Notice I said 'maintain', which is not to be confused with raging-all-night-every-weekend-with-your-friends. Let's remember, balance. Sometimes routine can seem monotonous so it's important to make a little time for fun so you don't drive yourself nuts... or become a crazy cat lady... or guinea pig lady - I heard that's a thing now. Bottom line; just avoid cats and guinea pigs.
I have been long overdue for a Vegas trip with the girls. We used to go all the time but now we all have grown up things to do so it is hard to coordinate as often. Okay, but seriously though we had the best time ever. I hate to disappoint you with a lack of crazy stories but it was a semi mellow weekend, well for Vegas at least. I came to realize that my priorities have shifted since the last time I was in town. I found myself in my robe, ordering room service, while running a bubble bath instead of dancing until sunrise. I will say, the next day is much more enjoyable when you've had more than two hours of rest! Nonetheless, it was a blast getting dolled up, for dinner, champagne, nightclubbing etc. Don't worry, more Vegas details to come later this week!
Loved this little two piece get-up from my fav - LF Stores.
The perfect leopard bag
Dying over this eyelet lace crop
Instagram shot of the sunset view from our room at the Wynn