As much as I am going to miss bikini season, there is nothing that excites me more than fall fashion. There are so many options to play with, plus you can wear extra layers without sweating your butt off! You might think because I have a blog and I like talking style and trends that I get dolled up everyday... not so much. Don't get me wrong, on the weekends I go all out but Monday through Friday - FORGET IT. I'm all about dressing for comfort and getting ready fast. I'm not one of those girls that take an hour to get ready and changes a million times. Unless I am going on a first date with someone I am really trying to impress. Just sayin'. Effortless style is my favorite for so many reasons so here are some of my go-to staples that help me accomplish that while staying fashionable.

1. The perfect hat - Nothing goes better with an outfit when you're over doing your hair. PLUS it seriously looks like you're way more stylish just by covering up that greasy mop.

2. Easy Peasy Booties - What color shoe goes with every outfit? Taupe! I have 4 pairs of taupe colored booties just to make it look like I don't only own one pair of shoes. In the fall, they keep your toes warm and they match every shade. 

3. Super cute cell phone cover - No explanation needed. It's cute and it just goes.

4. A leopard clutch - You can wear it day or night with casual or dressy attire. As long as the design is simple you can pull off a leopard clutch at the farmers market while you're in your yoga pants. Love it.

5. Okay, besides my undying love for J Brand jeans, I'm really digging the ripped style. Wear them with your booties or slip on some stilettos to give your nighttime attire an edgy flair. 

6. Ray-Bans - They are timeless. Seriously though, they have been in style since the 30's. During the warmer months I rock the reflective lenses but during the fall it's best to play it cool with a darker lens and frame.

7. How about the BEST scent ever? I fell in love with this Gardenia perfume in high school and it's been in my purse ever since. I always use the roller because I like to apply it in public and I HATE when people are spraying weird scents. It's so rude. A little dab on the neck and wrists is enough.

8. Plaid in the fall is a must. Any color.

9. Crimson lips - I'm not a fan of red lips in the warmer months. It's too hard to coordinate with all the bright colored outfits. However, during the fall it gives your outfit a little something extra. Plus it's sexy, duh.