Sweater weather has officially arrived! This is my favorite time of year for fashion plus it might have something to do with the fact that my favorite holiday is in the fall. Yup, MY BIRTHDAY! Greatest holiday ever, right?! Anyway, I headed to the east coast for the weekend with my girls to celebrate my special day and visit one of our other friends. It's much colder over there so I was able to get into serious fall fashion mode. I was so excited I packed the week before we left!

My bootie game is comin' in hot this season. I love them with every outfit; cozy & cute. I never check my bags on a plane and seriously my 'personal item',which is usually a purse, was a second duffle bag because I needed more space for my shoes. I think it was bigger than my actual carry-on. Hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. My friend asked me what I would do if they asked me to check my bag and my answer was somewhere along the lines of... "They would have to rip my bag out of my cold dead hands...". I've got a pair of shoes in there that cost one months rent! I've got plenty more bootie looks on the way and I'm thinking a little series called Sweater Weather Wednesdays. 

Last Christmas, my mom bought me these gorgeous leggings with sheep skin leather patches on the inside. I'm so happy I get to bring them out for the season, they add the most subtle, yet stylish aspect to any outfit. That little sneak tried to snag them back from me on multiple occasions but like my carry-on, she's going to have to get through my Kung fu grip for these babies. 

Another great style from my cousins new line, Lane + Lanae. This gorgeous 14k gold band with an accent diamond in the center is to die for. I want everything she makes. I am going to do a full post when her designs and website are in full effect. She's got a killer eye for style and class. It's going to big, I can feel it.