I've got design on the brain so, naturally, I had share what I'm up to around the house. I have always been big on home decor. I was fortunate enough to grow up with a mom who is extremely talented and I like to think some of her style rubbed off on me. Like mother, like daughter right? 

I'm moving soon and I LOVE that I get to decorate a new place. Fresh paint, fresh linens and a fresh look! It's like getting a makeover but bigger and better. Anyway, I was flipping through the South Coast Plaza fall lookbook and on the back cover I saw this Saint Laurent advertisement. I immediately fell in love. I literally walked into my bathroom, grabbed one of the hanging frames, replaced it with the ad and hung it back on the wall.

I needed something to compliment the ad so I went to my fav website for little nick nacks, Etsy. I ended up ordering some pricey card stock art and then I came across these other ones that you can instantly download and print. They were only $5! Instead of paying like $20 a piece plus shipping AND buying my own frame, I went to kinkos and bought two .20 cent pieces of nice paper and printed them myself. I can be irresponsible with money quite often but I have to draw the line somewhere. That is an extra $50 I just saved and can put towards my purse fund! ;)

Arts and crafts time! Be sure to measure and outline the prints before you put them in the frame. You want them to be completely centered. I used an exacto knife to trim the edges; scissors leave a lot of room for error.